Last of the Zah

Come and play in the world of Blackmoor, Age of the Wolf, and do it in style in one of the luxury boxes at Lucas Oil Stadium! In this scenario, you play a member of a bold company tasked with escorting an important young woman into the very heart of darkness. Should you fail, she fails, and if she fails, all hope for life in the North may be lost!

Every ticketed player in this event receives a limited edition print copy of Age of the Wolf absolutely free! In addition, everyone who plays a session receives a free miniature, courtesy of Paizo Publishing.

Length: 3.5 hours

Where: Event Suite at Lucas Oil Stadium

When: Every 4 hours until midnight, starting at 8am


Age of the Wolf Panel

The last tabletop project of D&D co-creator Dave Arneson is finally released! Join Ink Bat’s team of creatives for a discussion of the new book, Age of the Wolf, the 50th anniversary of the great game, and all things Dave.

Length: 1 hour

Where: JW Marriott — Room 203

When: Thursday at 8pm