The Outsider

From Great Cthulhu to the King in Yellow, from the Crawling Chaos to the Black Goat, they are the Old Ones… and they are no myth. They were here on Earth long before the rise of civilized Man, and some never left at all. Something keeps the Old Ones’ interest tethered to our planet, and for those ordinary people who simply want left to live in peace, their baleful aims can only portend doom.

In Sigil & Sign, you are not one of those ordinary people. You are the Outsider.

As an Outsider, you are caught between these two worlds: the mundane world of humankind and the dark and alien world of the Mythos, of which you may well be more fundamentally a part than you are of human society. You might have been truly human once, but no longer, and it’s far more likely that you’ve never in your life known what it means to be a conventional person.

As a person brought up in and/or around an Old One cult, you might be a true loyalist, a member of what your people call the Oathbound. You might serve in an active capacity, and be called upon to perform strange tasks or investigate even stranger places, all in the pursuit of the greater glory of your otherworldly patron. If that sounds a bit too deep end-of-the-pool for you, your character might instead be one of the Outcaste, a group of Outsiders who forsake the often suffocating environs of their central cult in order to indulge the audacity of attempting to make their way on their own wits and wills. And if you’re really brave, mad, or both, you can abandon your kind and join the wild ranks of the Unspoken — Outsiders who forsake their Oath and cult, and either condemn the Old Ones or actively work against them.

Outsider Card

Whatever your personal, spiritual, or philosophical bent, you are an Outsider, and with that inescapable reality comes the dark Primogeniture of the Mythos. With it comes being marked of the Great Sigils: Change, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Madness, Ruin, or Silence. To be Outsider is to be burdened with difference, and with increasingly horrid mutation of body and mind, but it also signifies that you are truly gifted of the Old Ones and of their eldritch power. 

As an Outsider, you are capable of wielding a small portion of that power of your own accord. Your body and mind might have gone aberrant, but as an Outsider, you can control those mutations, use them to your advantage in situations where others would be mere thrall to them. You can also call upon unearthly Bequests, which are powers granted you by virtue of having one of the Great Sigils, and perform Rituals so dark that none dares conduct them in the light. 

Among Outsiderkind, rivalries run deep and cults often work at cross purposes with one another, so the capacity for mystery, adventure, intrigue, or explosive violence waits around every corner.

Come… the Convergence is upon you. There is no time to lose.

And your god is waiting.

Creepy Woods